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For the Venice Biennale Dziewulski has created a series of sculptures that translate the energy force diagrams of his buildings into bronze. This was a starting point for an independent series of sculptures that is inspired by his architecture but are art pieces in their own right. They are cast in four sizes: bookshelf, pedestal, floor standing and monumental.



“How do we really see each other?

This work portrays the essence of the sitters. It reflects how we really perceive people we know, not as the frozen, high-detail “replicas” of photography or traditional portraits, which capture only the instant of that person, but the living, moving forms that we really perceive: blurred in motion and complex in the way that real people’s characters and personalities are complex, only revealing themselves slowly over time. ”  — Mark Dziewulski


Mark Dziewulski is one of the few international artists invited to exhibit at both the Art and Architecture Biennales in Venice. Showing his work this year is the GAA Foundation, a Dutch organization that aims to heighten the awareness of the more philosophical themes in contemporary art. From May 11th to November 26th 2017, Dziewulski’s Selfies series are presented in the main room in Palazzo Mora. 

Using graphite and paint to dissect selfies of friends, family, strangers and himself, Mark Dziewulski dances between the worlds of figurative and abstraction, searching for the elusive essence of his subjects. His painted digitals break down the visual references of faces, testing just how far interference can go before complete recognition is lost.

The urge to record ourselves is one of the most fundamental drivers of creative culture, and portrait painting is one of the most prevalent genres throughout history. Until recently, only the rich could afford to commission portraits. But with the advent of photography (and especially now with the omnipresent cell phone), portraiture has become so democratized that everyone has the ability to instantly create his or her own portrait. Enter the “Selfie”.

“Photographic portraits depict an instant, but what if you need to show more? How do you really portray somebody? How do you capture their life-force? Their passion? Their ever-changing motions and emotions? Their memories?”

These are the questions that first arose for Dziewulski when his mother began grappling with Alzheimer’s. “She couldn’t sit still. Both her movements and her personality were a blur. She wasn’t a crisp photograph. She was a complex, dynamic character. With paint you have this amazing flexibility to show so much more than a single moment. You have the ability to incorporate into the still image the extra dimensions of time and memory.” This fascination with movement and time have driven and informed all of Dziewulski’s work.



Mark Dziewulski has been commissioned to build several international large scale public art projects in the US, Europe and Asia. This group of work includes an aerodynamically inspired sculpture at the Warsaw national war memorial, for which the Republic of Poland presented him with a medal, the Gold Cross Order of Merit and which received endorsement from Buckingham Palace; Dancing Ribbons, Asia’s largest indoor sculpture (Hong Kong); and a monumental colorful outdoor glass ocularly inspired sculpture for the Dean McGee Eye Institute (Oklahoma City).


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The Robb Report voted Dziewulski one of the Top Thirty Architects in the world. The office has grown significantly in experience and reputation since it was established more than twenty five years ago. Dziewulski’s team carries out projects in the USA, Europe and Asia. They have received many design awards, including three Excellence in Design awards from the American Institute of Architects for "Significant Works of Architecture", as well as the International Design and Development Award and the Pacific Coast Builders Design Award two years in a row. The work includes important cultural and institutional buildings as well as commercial and residential. Dziewulski collaborated with Mikhail Baryshnikov on the design for a performing arts museum in San Francisco. Increasingly recognized as a design leader, their buildings have been published in over a hundred and fifty books and magazines in fourteen countries, including The Times in London and several articles in The New York Times. Their projects have also been featured in many TV stories and interviews. The Republic of Poland presented Dziewulski with a medal, the Gold Cross Order of Merit, which was endorsed by Buckingham Palace. He was also honored by an invitation to exhibit at the Venice International Architecture Biennale, which received more than a quarter of a million visitors.

"Mark Dziewulski's Studio is a superb work of art...a spectacular work of architecture, beautifully crafted, sensitively located and a celebration of the interaction of interior and exterior space. The design demonstrates an exploration of both formal and technical issues with great skill." - The Architect's Journal

"World-class architecture..."  - Gary Delson, Architectural critic

Review &article

Review & Article


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Economy talk news, 글/왕진오기자, Apr 20, 2018




Venice Biennale, Italy: Personal Structures
Venice Biennale, Italy: Time Space Existence
Mills College Museum of Art, California, US
Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Connecticut, US
Eleven Fine Art Gallery, London, UK
Bearspace Gallery, London, UK
Mall Galleries, London, UK
Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark



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POLISH AIR FORCE MEMORIAL MEDALLION Memorial to the Polish Airmen Who Fell in WWII



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Exhibition View

 Exhibition View

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