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Byeonghyeon Jeong
Abstraction in-between
Hiding and Revaling

21 JUN -20 OCT 2024

in cooperation with
GALLERY PALZO (Daegu & Cheongdo, Korea)
KoRICA (Korean Research institute of Contemporary Art)


아트in대구, 오픈리그


정병현  Byeonghyeon Jeong

15-26 FEB. 2022

​대구문화예술회관 미술관 8전시실


1. Byeonghyeon Jeong, No Longer My self,

양평군립미술관 미술여행 – 2, 여름프로젝트

21C WATERCOLOR 과거 현재 미래”


정병현 Byeonghyeon Jeong

24 JULY – 6 SEP 2020

Yangpyeong Art Museum

Classic Talk & Lecture Concert-관람의

Classic Talk & Lecture Concert

Music and Fine Art

Music and Color, Touch the wound

정은신의 관람의 미학

정은신 Eunshin Jeong

(Composer, Professor at Yeungnam University) 

김   완 Wan Kim (Artist)

30 OCT 2018, PM 19:30

Daegu Concert House Chanber Hall


VIII Tashkent

International Contemporary Biennale

김   완  Wan Kim

심   향  Simhyang

황인모  Inmo Hwang

10-14 OCT. 2018


Organizer : Academy of arts of Uzbekistan at Gallery of Fine Arts of Uzbekistan (Co-Planning by Gallery Palzo and European Culutral Centre)

ECC -  Venice Biennale

'Personal Structures - Open boards'

김   완  Wan Kim

심   향  Simhyang

손   파  Paa Sohn

13 May - 26 November 2017 

Open daily from 10:0 to 18:00,  except Tuesdays

Palazzo Mora, Palazzo Bembo and Giardini Marinaressa, Venice, Italy